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Amla Powder 100g / 20 servings
Amla Powder 100g / 20 servings

Amla Powder 100g / 20 servings

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Amla is a powerhouse of nutrients.

It is in fact known as a ‘divyaushada’ or a divine medicine as it contains five tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent that help in the functioning of both mind and body.


It is full of anti oxidants that are effective in reducing the free radicals in the body.

The Indian gooseberry has brilliant immune-boosting properties. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, which not only helps promote immunity but also improves the body’s metabolism. This helps in preventing diseases and infection.

Amla is also loaded with Vitamin A, polyphenols, alkaloids and flavonoids – quercetin and kaempferol. Studies reveal that amla increases the number of white blood cells, the body’s defense mechanism to fight allergies, infections and to flush out toxins.

Eating gooseberry daily shields body against harmful bacteria and inflammation.

High fibre content in amla makes it wonderful for digestive system.

Amla also has anti aging properties. It makes skin glowing & keeps it hydrated.

How to Cosume:

Consume 1 tsp in water once a day on empty stomach or 1 hour after food.          Make a drink of amla powder, ginger powder & honey. Can even add amla powder to any glass of fresh juice. Can also sprinkle amla powder on fresh fruits.

For Skin: Consume Amla powder with water or add it to your face mask for natural glow. Mix amla powder, honey & yoghurt to makes quick mask. Leave it on till it dries, then wash off.

For Hair: Make a paste with shikakai, curd & amla powder. Apply this on scalp. Keep it for half an hour and wash hair.

* Advised to consult a physician before use, if pregnant, nursing or have any medical condition. 

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Amla Powder 100g / 20 servings

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Very nice product

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