Why certain people do not put on weight

Why certain people do not put on weight

Do you know anyone who no matter how much they eat, never put on the weight. It just feels so unfair to not be able to anything without thinking about the extra kilos that comes along.

Most often it is believed to be related to their genetics, and they have higher metabolic rate when compared to the rest of the individuals and therefore utilize food better. However, the lean structure is also contributed by the nutritional and behavioral aspects. It might seem like lean people eat a lot but actually they may be eating as much as the others are consuming. They may be eating more than adequate in one meal and compensate their intake in the other meals or by snacking less altogether, intentionally or unintentionally. Lean individuals tend to chew their foods more instead of gobbling it down which in turn promotes satiety.

Physical activity another very important factory when it comes to having a lean body. It has been seen that lean people tend to move around more such as fidgeting, short walks, continuous shaking of leg or engaging in household chores all of which helps them to burn a considerable amount of energy. In the end, it a complex mechanism and yes genetics does play a role but most of it is even in our control to maintain the body weight. For those who are constantly struggling to increase their weight and are unable to do so, it may also be due to an underlying disease like hyperthyroidism, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, eating disorders and certain types of medication. It is best to consult a doctor in such conditions.

                                                                                               - Vashni Kandru

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